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Holiday Cards

dumbEcards.com is currently growing its holiday card offerings while still providing you with the most irreverent, irrelevant cards you know and love. Look for spikes in holiday cards in the days and weeks prior to a holiday happening.

Replacement Refs

Tue, Sep 25, 2012 - 05:46 PM
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Replacement Refs: The kick is up, The kick is we have no fucking idea, really.
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Moooooog is the undisputed worldwide authority on issues that affect short, middle-aged, undersexed men who happen to live at his exact street address. He's a weightlifter with chicken legs, a Harley guy with bad balance, and an architect who can't hang a picture without causing small fires. He believes in God because, honestly, this all has to be a joke ...right? Moooooog's new book is out!

Website: http://www.midgetmanofsteel.com
Twitter: @Moooooog35
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